Vachotel Vac

The main square of the Main Square is Vac. Already in the Middle Ages it was a church, economic and cultural center. On the northern side of the square was the Viennese gate, opposite the town hall, and the well-kept St. Michael’s church, which was built on the walls of the market. This is how the form of a special, stretched triangle emerged.

KokapuHungary’s only Triumphal Arch. Kristóf Migazzi built it in 1764 to honor Maria Theresa’s visit. Maria Theresa arrived by boat on the Danube from the Bratislava Parliament. The nobility waited for the guests dressed in horseback ornaments. The arrival of the ship was signaled by a shotgun. According to tradition, when the Queen learned that the Arc de Triomphe had been completed in just five months, she hadn’t gone over her, but got out and walked beside her. The height of the Stone Gate is 20 m, width 12, and thickness 4 m.
DOM Rozsaval 1

Hungary’s first classicist late baroque cathedral, designed by the French Isidor Canavale. Construction began in 1761, the church was consecrated in 1772, but the internal works were completed only in 1777.

DSC 5887The pearl of the Main Square is the former Domonkos Order Church, the XVIII. century built in baroque, rococo style. The facade of the church is decorated with wall pillars, baroque spirals, vases and sculptures. Unlike the simple exterior, the interior decoration is very rich. Its colors are clear, its sculptures are white, and the colors of the altarpieces are also bright. The sensation of 1994 was the exploration of a crypt from the outside under the church tower. Its entrance was masonry for two centuries. When the church was renovated, it was accidentally found, and when it was opened it turned out that the catacomb-like rooms were hiding 262 coffins. The rich painting of the wooden spades remained intact.

EpuletegyuttesThe Géza King Square and the Medieval Castle area are protected as monuments. The first cathedral stood in this square, which was built in Gothic style by King Géza I..